Handmade Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo chicks handmade

Our Bamboo Blinds are Handmade Traditionally in Singapore.

Bamboo Blinds are the best type of Outdoor blinds as it Reduces Heat and Permissible Sunlight during Hot & Sunny Days, and it reduces the amount of Rain Water that gets into your homes and workplaces.

It also adds Privacy to your Space. Bamboo Blinds can also be used to break down strong winds at high level housings (HDBs/Condominiums).

With an added Backing, your bamboo blinds will be able block out Rain Water and with the different colours to choose from, these bamboo blinds will do great house decors and give a post modern look to your house.

Bamboo Blinds Pricing

To estimate the cost of your blinds, you may download our excel file: BAMBOO PRICE CALCULATOR.

Other important Information

You may choose colours for your Painted Bamboo Blinds at Nippon Colour Chart 9000 series.
You may also choose to add a backing to your blinds to block rain water. The backing will be charged at $2-$5/sqft.

Installation Charges

Installation charges is @ $30/piece and Transportation @ $50.
Installations at working height 3M and above and other special conditions will be advised accordingly.

Disposal of Existing Blinds

We provide a service for Removal & Disposal of existing blinds @ $ 20 per set.

Terms & Conditions

1. Quoted prices are in Singapore Dollar (SGD).
2. All single sheet sizes below 30 sqft will be charged at 30 sqft.
3. Minimum total order amount is $250/job.
4. Email quotation is free of charge with no obligations.