Production of bamboo blinds

1. Selection of reeds

First, the Bamboo Reeds are selected for matching colour tone, and then cut into the size measured during the on-site visit.

2. Weave

Next, our experienced weaver puts the reeds together one by one, and tighten each reeds till the end product. Traditional hand weaved bamboo chicks are much stronger than machine made ones as the weaver ensures that each reed is well tightened before he proceeds to the other.

3. Varnish

Following that, to protect the blind against weather, our weaver would double varnish the bamboo chicks on both sides using premium varnish. This is the most important process as this process protects the bamboo chicks and this varnishing process will determine the number of years the bamboo blind will last.

4. Paint

Two coatings of premium paint will be applied to the bamboo blinds to ensure strong & even colour tone. We allow colour customization but do allow some room for colour tone variations.

5. Tailor the Backings (Optional)

Our skilled tailor would tailor the selected PVC backings to the blinds for added protection and privacy.

6. Installation

We provide installation and delivery free of charge locally, in Singapore.
But if you would prefer to install the blind by yourself, you are only required to drill a couple of holes and attach the hook and plugs into the wall. We guide you with simple explanations on the installation process upon collection of bamboo blinds.

If you are overseas and you wish to purchase our products, we could do deliver it to your doorstep with additional charges. Please drop us an email at to find out more.

Materials Used

Imported Reeds

We import the best quality of reeds from Taiwan and Malaysia. We handpick the reeds from those that arrived at our factory to filter the damaged ones out as part of the materials selection process.

Integrated pulley system

Multi-cord locked and guided pulley system will ensure a smooth and lasting user experience.

Waterproof premium varnish

We use chemical safe & water proof varnish for the bamboo blinds to ensure its durability.

Premium Paint

Premium quality paint which are chemical free to ensure a healthy environment for you and your family.


PVC backings upon your orders (transparent or coloured) will allow 100% blockage of rain water. We would also recommend coloured backings for your privacy needs.